Tasting Table’s Lobster Roll Rumble 2012 (Part I)

On Thursday June 7th, 2012, Tasting Table hosted its third annual Lobster Roll Rumble in NYC benefiting a national nonprofit organization Share Our Strength to help fight childhood hunger in America.

538285_10150703198964797_2124461909_nshare our strength logo

20 contenders representing 10 cities across the country competed for the title of being the Best Lobster Roll in America. With 8 vendors from New York and 3 from Brooklyn, did NYC take home this title?


Beyond the lobster roll contenders, Tasting Table had 6 official partners that help to make the night stellar. While tasting the lobster rolls, the guests are also able to enjoy drinks, entertainment, and even dessert provided by these partners.

Tasting Table set up a strict voting system where each guest are given a electronic voting bracelet that allows one vote for lobster roll and one vote for the best cocktail.

floor 3covervoting watch 2 

                 spicebar menu 3

Contenders: B & G Oysters from Boston, MA; BLT Fish Shack from New York, NY; Ditch Plains from New York, NY; Freddy’s Lobster + Clams from Bethesda, MD; Island Creek Oyster Bar from Boston, MA; Jct. Kitchen & Bar from Atlanta, GA; Lobster Joint from Brooklyn, NY; Littleneck from Brooklyn, NY; Lots O’Lobstah from New York, NY; Luke’s Lobster from New York, NY; Lure Fishbar from New York, NY; Mary’s Fish Camp from New York, NY; Red Hook Lobster Pound from Brooklyn, NY; Smack Shack from Minneapolis, MN; Thames Street Oyster House from Baltimore, MD; The Clam Shack from Kennebunkport, ME; The Hungry Cat from Los Angeles, CA; The John Dory Oyster Bar from New York, NY; The Mermaid Inn from New York, NY; and Waterbar Restaurant from San Francisco, CA.

Official Partners: Tequila Don Julio (cocktails), Celebrity Cruises (spices), Haagen-Dazs (ice cream bar), Stella Artois (beer), Bordeaux (wine), and San Pellegrino (sparkling water).

photo with lobster 2

If you missed it this year, make sure to mark your calendars and be ready for it in 2013!

I will go into more details on my tasting experiences for 11 of the vendors next time =)


2 responses to “Tasting Table’s Lobster Roll Rumble 2012 (Part I)”

  1. Michele E. says :

    Great picture, Joy! You’re so lucky you got to go 🙂

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