Tasting Table’s Lobster Roll Rumble 2012 (Part III)

Here are 4 more awesome contenders that I tasted! 

Jct. Kitchen & Bar from Atlanta, GA fb logo[4]                                             1198 Howell Mill Road #18. Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 355-2252


Maine Lobster “Roll” $ A.Q.                                                                           soft roll, “sweet & sour” apple slaw, fries                                                    (Friday & Saturday Lunch Menu Only)

This lobster roll is very lightly seasoned with home made mayo, shallot, chives, and lemon. It is served on a special made brioche top split bun with an extra shot of melted butter mixture. This roll has the perfect balance of light mayo and lemon as well as the the herbs used, which brings out the true sweetness of the fresh lobster. The brioche bun was toasted into the perfect crunchiness on the surface while being warm and soft inside. This is definitely one of the best lobster roll of the night! According to the many reviews online, the roll is only served for lunch on Friday and Saturdays only and better go early because they run out fast!


Lobster Joint from Brooklyn, NY fb logo                                                  1073 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 389-8990

lobster joint

New England Lobster Roll $17                                                                    Celery & Fresh Herb Mayo

Connecticut Lobster Roll $17                                                                   Served Warm with Butter

Lobster Club Roll $19                                                                           Celery, Fresh Herb Mayo, Avocado, Bacon

Lobster Joint have a extensive sandwich/roll menu, they regularly serve up 3 different lobsters rolls! They competed in the Rumble with their traditional New England style lobster roll but after looking at their menu, I can’t wait to make a trip there to try all 3! The roll has a light mayo base with celery, dill, parsley, chive, and tarragon served on butter toasted bun.


Red Hook Lobster Pound from Brooklyn, NY fb logo                               284 Van Brunt Street, New York, NY 11231
(718) 858-7650

red hook lobster pound

Lobster Rolls $16.00                                                                                 fresh-picked Maine lobster meat. Maine style served cold with celery, spices, and a touch of homemade mayo. or go with a Connecticut style roll for warm luscious lobster slathered in butter. served on a j.j. nissen split-top bun – the one and only bread choice for an authentic Maine lobster roll

Red Hook Lobster serves two wonderful menu in the 5 boroughs of NYC (as well as DC), one at “The Pound” and one at their “Truck”! The lobster roll is made with a light mayo base with scallion, celery, and paprika on top. The scallion et al. gives each bite of the roll a bit of crunch and the paprika gives it a little kick at the end. It’s a party with every bite! Don’t forget to follow them on twitter and escape for a quick bite during lunch!

NYC Truck Weekly Schedule* twitter logo                                               Mondays: World Financial Center Food Truck Lot. Vesey + North End Ave Tuesdays: 50th Street + 6th Ave                                                       Wednesdays: Either Hudson Street (btw. King + Houston) or 26th Street (btw. 11th + 12th Ave)                                                                         Thursdays: World Financial Center Food Truck Lot, Vesey + North End Ave                                                                                                         Fridays: 46th Street + 6th Ave                                                                     Saturdays: 7th Ave and President Street, Park Slope                       Sundays: home taking a nap

Hours: generally 11a-2:45p


Smack Shack (1029 Bar) from Minneapolis, MN fb logo                               1029 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413                                    (612) 379-4322

smack shack

Lobster Roll $13                                                                                      Chilled Lobster with Cucumber, Tarragon,                                                  and Lemon Aioli on Griddle Milk Bread

Smack Shack serves up their lobster roll out of the kitchen of 1029 Bar as well as their Food Truck that tours the streets of Minneapolis. Their lobster roll is made with a mayo, lemon aioli, cucumber, and tarragon served on a griddle milk bread. The cucumber gives the lobster roll a refreshing crunch which compliments the texture of lobster very well.

Smack Shack Food Trucktwitter logo
On the streets of Minneapolis for lunch on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!


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