National Lobster Day!


June 15th, National Lobster Day! How are you going to celebrate?

Lobster History

Did you know in North America, until mid 19th century, lobster was considered as peasant food and a symbol of poverty? In the early days, there was an abundance of lobsters and in the New England area, people couple simply capture lobsters by walking to the beach during low tides. In the beginning, lobsters were only used as fertilizers and low grade fish baits. Soon, prisoners, people of low statues, and servants starts to live off of lobsters. Sometimes indentured servants would even specify in the employment agreements that they would not eat lobster more than a certain times per week. At the time, people could get lobster in cans just like we do today with tuna!

Until twentieth century, New Yorkers and Bostonians finally started to develop a taste for it and lobsters’ numbers started to drop and its pricing started to go up. The fishing industry started to invent new ways to fish lobsters from deep sea and different ways to keep them alive during transport back to port. Now, all over the world, lobster is considered a delicacy and a 4 billion dollars industry!

  lobster cat

Lobster Fun Facts!

  • Lobsters breath and listen through their legs, taste with their feet, and think with their throat!
  • A female lobster lay anywhere between a few thousand eggs to several tens of thousands of eggs depending on their size. Unfortunately, less than 10 eggs will hatch out of 10,000 and even less will eventually become an adult lobster.
  • Lobsters can live up to 100+ years just like turtles!


Now, armed with your new lobster trivia, go out and celebrate this day by having some delicious lobsters! Check out the link below for a special lobster roll served by Red Hook Lobster Pound in NYC along with it’s recipe!

National Lobster Day: Ale-Infused Lobster Roll at Red Hook Lobster Pound

lobster kid

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4 responses to “National Lobster Day!”

  1. Steve Jung says :

    It really amazed me that lobsters can live up to 100+ years!
    I should work on wine and lobster roll pairing next time!

    • Joy says :

      I know! It’s crazy right? ALMOST makes me feel bad for eating them… ALMOST =P You find the wine and I’ll pick the lobster, it will be a great pairing! =)

  2. S Yum says :

    Love this entry! Love your blog!

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