Ditch Plains? Not in Montauk!

Ditch Plains Locations:

West Village 29 Bedford St. New York, NY 10014 P 212.633.0202

Upper West Side 100 West 82nd Street (at Columbus Avenue).
New York NY 10024 P 212.362.4815


After the Lobster Roll Rumble, my lobster roll journey starts right here in NYC. First stop, Ditch Plains, a New York City oyster bar and fish shack, named after a popular surfing spot in Montauk, Long Island. Chef Marc Murphy opened this joint back in April 2006 in the West Village and started serving up delicious sea food and of course, lobsters rolls!

I went to the Upper West Side location with a few friends, as soon as I stepped inside the restaurant, I have decided I like this place already.  The restaurant’s got a contemporary nautical feel decorated with surfer and rustic theme. Outlines of waves on the walls, large surf boards and pictures of Ditch Plains, Montauk all over. The restaurant is set up to accommodate parties of all sizes with small tables and booths, a small private dining room, several large booths, and a long bench table.

After being seated, without a doubt, I placed my order for the famous Ditch Plains Lobster Roll with sweet potato chips for $28. Between 3 of us, we ordered 2 lobster rolls, a special of the day – fish tacos, and a side of fried jalapeno (I strongly recommend) and sautéed spinach.

The Lobster Roll: The bun was a potato roll, buttered and lightly toasted on the inside then stuffed with a mayo based mixture of large chunks of lobster meat, finely chopped celery, scallion, garlic aioli, parsley, and tarragon. Each bite was flavorful and the celery gives it a bit of crunch. The roll was served with sweet potato chips which was a nice twist to the typical french fries. Unfortunately, the chips was cold and slightly soggy and didn’t compliment the lobster roll very well. Over all, this was still a great meal, large portion, very filling, definitely worth the price for the amount of lobster that was served.


Ditch Plains was also a contender at the 2012 Lobster Roll Rumble, If you are interested to find out more about how they did at the event (and more pictures that will make you drool), visit Roberto Ferdman’s blog post here.


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