Mermaid Inn.

The Mermaid Inn Locations:

East Village – 96 2nd Ave (5th/6th), NYC (212) 674-5870

Upper West Side – 568 Amsterdam Ave (87/88), NYC (212) 799-7400

Greenwich Village – 79 MacDougal St. NYC (212) 260-0100


The Mermaid Inn have 3 locations in Manhattan and I chose the Upper West Side location based on their delicious looking drink menu for their “Happy Hour and a Half” menu. To make sure that we can take full advantage of their happy hour (check their schedule here), we got there on time at 5PM to start our meal with drinks and small plates.

We started with some east coast oysters, some west coast oysters, mini fish tacos (blackened tilapia, avocado, smoked jalapeño)(oh and this item is strongly recommended, my friend and I ended up ordering 2 more!), and shrimp corndogs (creole mustard, coleslaw). After trying all the drinks on the happy hour menu, we voted the rocky mountain mule to be the best! As for our entrees, we had the lobster sandwich (yes, it is a sandwich not a roll!) $26, spaghetti with salad on top (seafood fra’diavolo, garlic bread) $25, and a side order of asparagus (you get a free side from checking in on Foursquare).

The Lobster Roll:This lobster roll starts with a brioche hamburger buns, lightly toasted on the inside, and flaky crust. The roll is full of chunks of chilled lobster with very light mayo mixed with lemon juice, celery, chives, and cayenne pepper which gave it a kick. It is served with a plateful of Old Bay fries. The lobster roll had a good flavor, but I find the roll to be slightly dry for my taste. The lobster was fresh and chopped into smaller chunks unlike most others that I have tried which does make it easier to take each bite.


The Mermaid Inn experience doesn’t just stop after the entrées! After we were done eating, and slowly finishing our last drink, the server ended our Mermaid Inn experience with 2 small and delicious chocolate pudding and a pair of fortune telling fishes! You pull a small red plastic sheet cut in the shape of fish and put it on your palm. Based on what it does, you can match it up to the sleeve it came in to find out your fortune!


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and especially the entire Mermaid Inn experience. Though I was slightly disappointed with the lobster roll after hearing such good praises from friends. After doing a little digging online, I have found that apparently many have claimed that the lobster roll seems to be a bit inconsistent. In the end, I would definitely go back to the restaurant and maybe even give it the roll another shot. Oh, and don’t forget to check in on foursquare for your free side with your meal!


Check out the link below and watch Chef Lawrence from the UWS location show you how the lobster roll is made!


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One response to “Mermaid Inn.”

  1. jacqulinelee says :

    I agree with you. Love the HH deals at Mermaid Inn but lobster roll is very meh… when you can compare it to Pearl, Mary’s Fish Camp, etc…

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