Pearl? YES PLEASE!!!

Pearl Oyster Bar

18 Cornelia St. New York, NY 10014, (212) 691-8211


Pearl Oyster Bar, where it all started for me! I have been a loyal customer of Pearl’s lobster roll since 2002. Pearl Oyster Bar has got an interesting history. It was originally owned by a couple, Rebecca and Mary, but after a fallout, Mary took her lobster roll recipe and established Mary’s Fish Camp blocks away. Ever since, its been a constant battle between the two restaurants, competing who has the better lobster roll (even though its technically the same recipe).

After the typical 15-30 minute wait on a week night, my party of 5 girls was seated. We sat down with the beers we ordered while waiting and we all knew exactly what it was we wanted. One of us already ate so she enjoyed a plate of oysters and we had 4 plates of the oh so delicious lobster rolls.

2012-06-20_21-56-26_414The Lobster Roll: The famous Pearl Lobster Roll with Shoestring Fries never disappoints! It is served on a top loading bun with a mayo based lobster salad. Large juice chunks of lobster, celery, lemon juice, and garnished with chives on top. I don’t usually like this much mayo, but I absolutely love this roll. The price varies based on current market value and in my opinion, its worth every dollar. This is still the best lobster roll in my opinion. This roll makes you want to savor every bite while eating as much as you can as fast as possible! This is absolutely a 5 star lobster roll and if you haven’t tried it yet, you don’t know what you are missing!


Pearl Oyster Bar opens for lunch and dinner. You want to there early when they open at 6PM, the line usually forms around 5:30PM. Make sure all your party are present, they don’t seat you until everyone’s there and they don’t take reservations. While you do wait inside the restaurant, don’t hesitate to order a drink or two!


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