Who? Sarabeth!

Sarabeth’s Kitchen

Locations:Tibeca, West Side, East Side, Central Park South, Chelsea, etc.


Sarabeth Levine started as a jam maker and a pastry chef. Started with making jam in her kitchen to now owning a jam factory, a wholesale-retail bakery café and nine restaurants with her husband, Sarabeth’s Kitchen is well known in the city of New York.

Approximately 100 degrees out and threat of thunder storms, I decided to stay in and place a delivery order from Sarabeth’s West. You can visit their website to make reservations or place a delivery order online through Seamless. The order showed up fast, packaged well with all the foods each in their own container. Nothing was cold or soggy. Definitely a good delivery restaurant for sure.

The  Lobster Roll: The roll is served on a toasted bun, mayo based, large lobster chunks, celery, and garnished with chives on top. I also guess there is also either dill pickles in it or some type of relish. It is served with a green salad, coleslaw, and homemade chips. All the food were very fresh and the chips were very crunchy and delicious. Overall it is a very good meal for a whopping $22. The lobster roll was good, very decent, but the lobster was slightly chewy, perhaps cooked a minute too long?

The meal was delicious and I would definitely eat from Sarabeth’s again and next time, it will be at one of the restaurants for sure.


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