Panera Bread Lobster Sandwich

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Panera Bread is a national chain bakery that bakes fresh bread from scratch at every location, everyday. Each location has a bakery café attached to it that has a great menu serving baked goods, sandwich, soup, and salad. All their food are made to order accompanied by their freshly baked bread. Panera Bread separates themselves from the rest of the fast food industry by approaching fast food with a healthy and fresh ingredients attitude and was ranked number 2 among Excellent Large Fast-Food Chains in the Sandelman & Associates in 2011.

Tired and hungry after a long day, stepping into a Panera Bread at 9:30pm just want  something decent to eat before jumping into another pile of work, a lobster roll was the last thing I expected to see on the menu of a fast food joint. Without much hesitation and spending anymore time looking at the menu, I quickly placed my order. For $20.66, I got a large lobster sandwich, a bag of chips, and an order of fountain soda.

Lobster Sandwich: The sandwich portion is quite large, served on a fresh ciabatta bread, not toasted or buttered in anyway. There was a very decent amount of lobster and from the picture, you can see the entire chunk of claw meat on the sandwich (Panera says every sandwich is packed with 16oz of lobster meat). The lobster salad looks to be made with a light mayo base on a bed of lettuce. This was a very simple sandwich and I enjoyed a surprisingly nice dinner that night. For $20 dollars, this wasn’t the best lobster roll meal I’ve had but it was decent. I think the bread could’ve been smaller and perhaps toasted and buttered. With the large pieces of bread, the lobster was lost in them and didn’t stand out and also made each bite slightly dry to the mouth. After speaking with the sandwich maker, I found out that the lobster meat was not prepared at each location like the bread, they are precooked and delivered to each store.

Being in New York, it is unlikely for me to order this again when I am surrounded by so many other good lobsters roll around and even for the price point, I would probably gone to Snack Box or Luke’s Lobster instead. But if you are in the other parts of the country and seafood isn’t of abundance around you, give it a try. You just may be surprised by a quick and nice lobster meal.


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