The odyssey to Penelope!

Lexington Avenue  New York, NY 10016
(212) 481-3800



Penelope, a home style café, bakery, and bar, located in Murray Hill. Owner Jen and her partner Michael runs this sweet “home away from home” cottage where everything on the menu is prepared fresh and made with the best ingredients. Along with a little creativity and imagination from the chef, Penelope brings the neighborhood tasty recipes from mom.

This was another late night trip after a long day of work and class. Strongly recommended by several friends who lives in the area, a few of us took the trip to find out just how good it is. It was a very cute and warmly decorated restaurant with delicious looking pastries covering the counters. What intrigued me the most, of course, is their Turtle Cove Lobster Roll. The name itself has peaked my curiosity and I couldn’t wait to try it.

The Lobster Roll: $22 Turtle Cove Lobster Roll fresh lobster meat tossed in a light lemon-mayo tucked snug in a brioche roll with greens. served with homemade fries. This was a large lobster roll, probably the largest I’ve had so far. The roll was a thick mayo base with a strong lemon zest kick to it along with diced celery laid on a bed of lettuce on top of a top split toasted bun. The celery and lettuce gave the roll a very nice texture in every bite. If you like a saucy roll and lemon, this is the roll for you! The dish was nicely complimented by a plateful of french fries.

Overall this was a very nice experience and I would love to come back and try all the other items on the menu. Especially their awesome sounding brunch menu that they are so famous for.


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